Lady H Gin and flower

Premium gin crafted in New Zealand

Lady H Collection

Lady H Gin and Glass

Lady H Gin

Fresh florals reminiscent of the gentle finesse of a time gone by - lovingly created with the care and attention of a woman's touch.

Duchess Peach Cup Gin

DuchessH Peach & Passionfruit Gin Cup

Contains all the fragrant, perfumed and DELICATE floral scents synonymous with SUMMERTIME.

Lord H New Zealand Bourbon

Lord H Bourbon

Crafted in New Zealand using premium Bourbon that has been blended, infused and filtered with the sweetness of Manuka Honey and Vanilla, with a touch of Nelson Hops

Caluzzi Gin

Caluzzi 25th Gin

Absolutely Fabulous, dress impeccably

Donna Hemingway Distiller

“A gin should be two things, fabulous and Classy”

Lady H Negroni

Cocktail Receipes

Discover the world of Lady H Gin, and Lady H cocktails