Dutches Snow Globe

Duchess Snow Globe

Meri Kirihmete, celebrate a very Kiwi Christmas with our special edition silver snow globe of Duchess H PEACH & PASSIONFRUIT Gin Cup which contains all the fragrant, perfumed and DELICATE floral scents synonymous with SUMMERTIME. Fragrant and Bright PEACH with soft CITRUS greeting the nose, followed by a juicy punch of Tangy Tart PASSIONFRUIT sweetness...

And then shake it to create a snow globe with the finest Edible Silver Leaf Flakes,

How to Serve

Our Duchess H Small Batch Gin Liqueur range pays homage to the elegant old world charm of fruit cups, Fruit forward sweetness with Herbaceous Gin base notes, and best enjoyed with soda, or on the rocks… but give it a shake, to enjoy the christmas feel

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