Our Team

We're still collaborating, educating ourselves and each other, playing on
the floor with dogs, drinking gin, and lovingly forcing people to cut
and serve cake to everyone on their birthdays. We power through intense
distilling sessions, pool our collective brainpower to conceptualize
innovative solutions, support each other when it’s crunch time, and come
back the next day to do it all over again


Who’d have thought… a little bit broken, middle aged ex-coppa, could be inspired to create an elegant tipple like Lady H Gin. It all started with a drive to create a gin to make the best Martini, and somewhere along the way working on Lady H gave me back some purpose, it gave me the opportunity to rediscover my femine side, and who I have always been.

Sometimes we just need a distraction to life's ups & downs, twist and turns, sometimes we all just need something to smile about and enjoy.


Always need someone to control a country and this is the person who runs Australia for Lady H Spirits, a key person involved in all parts of the company.


As graphic designer this lady has her paint brushes in all our projects to ensure high-quality work throughout the entirety of the all our projects.


If it doesn’t look right or it looks out of sync, then this is the lady who will find another place for it so it does look right. Everyone needs a one