Lady H Gin

Lady H Gin is a Contemporary Modern Gin, a smoothly balanced
softly Juniper forward Gin, displaying floral notes with a deep warming spice,
vibrancy of fresh citrus with a sweeter finish.

Duchess H Peach & Passionfruit Gin Cup

Contains all the fragrant, perfumed and DELICATE floral scents synonymous with SUMMERTIME. Fragrant and Bright PEACH with soft CITRUS greeting the nose, followed by a juicy punch of Tangy Tart PASSIONFRUIT sweetness

Duchess Summer Escape

If you like PINA COLADAS or just getting caught in the rain

Duchess Snow Globe

Meri Kirihmete, celebrate a very
Kiwi Christmas with our special edition silver snow globe of Duchess H PEACH

Caluzzi gin for tea

Caluzzi 25th Gin

Lady H Caluzzi Gin, it is an elegant sipping Gin

Lord H Bourbon

Infused and filtered with the sweetness of Manuka Honey and Vanilla, with a touch of Nelson Hops, a New Zealand Bourbon by lady H, sometime you need a lady to change it